Building Skills And confidence

Why is it that some people are so persuasive they could sell ice to Eskimos?  Why does everyone seem to listen when my colleagues talk in meetings, and their projects always get the green light? Even their feedback or criticism is respected! Are you like that? What about when you speak English?

People with great business communication skills have a positive image at work leading to successful projects, easy collaboration, and frequent promotions. Learn how to improve your business communication in English with the expertise of UNLOCK English, S.L



Our highly experienced trainers have helped professionals like you:

  •  Improve confidence in English
  • Change from a passive role to an active one in meetings and teleconferences
  • Give memorable presentations 
  • Get the job
  • Write effective emails
  • Understand cultural difference when working with other countries
  • Correct long-standing or unknown mistakes
  • Learn to speak at a business dinner – about a range of topics
  • Feel comfortable at business dinners and social events
  • Not hesitate to pick up the phone.
  • Give Presentations with confidence and control
  • Transition ideas and opinions from thoughts to words 



We offer an array of courses designed with the flexibility and customisability to meet our clients varying needs.  We understand that the business world never stops, so finding time and energy for English can be a challenge.  Our methods emphasise real-world interaction based around our clients' schedules, so whether in a teleconference class, a one-to-one mentoring session, we will find the best way to meet your needs.