Our Courses and classes

Our courses are flexible and take into consideration the needs and requirements of our participants.  Our objective is to encourage immediate and effective use of English by providing the skills and confidence necessary with the help of our talented and qualified English trainers.  It's more than training; it's knowledge transfer. 

We offer different course packages depending on the needs of our clients.  Most of our courses combine more than one type of class in order to give students a well-rounded educational experience.




Our one-to-one classes are catered to the individual needs of our students, emphasising language production and feedback in order to help them find their voice and confidence in English.  We draw from a wide array of material and learning techniques that focus on listening, speaking, writing and reading, along with constant teacher feedback and mistake correction.


Group Classes

Our dynamic and varied group classes focus give students the opportunity to interact with each other and practice key business skills (presenting, negotiating, debating)  in a group environment.  While language production is our underlying goal, the group classes cover a wide variety of business skills, grammar, listening exercises and activities to keep the classes fresh, fun and useful. 



Our intensive workshops focus on a particular business area or skill that our clients would like to develop, anything from "perfect emails" to "convincing presentations." 



Our discussion-based teleconference classes help students become comfortable with telephone English—an aspect of business that often makes non-native English speakers nervous.  We use a wide array of material, roll-plays and discussion topics to get students accustomed to speaking comfortably and fluently over the phone. The classes always end with feedback and corrections, which we email students so that they can review their mistakes and improve their skills.


EPT Program (English Program for Talent)

You have the professionals, they have the skills, they just need to improve their English – EPT is designed for you!  Using a variety of classes, workshops and methods, and covering tailor made classes specific to your needs and objectives, this 10-month program has seen participants develop skills to enable them to get what they want in terms of work.


Mentoring sessions

Our mentoring sessions are supplementary one-to-one classes for students enrolled in teleconference or group classes.  These sessions give us the opportunity to target the individual language needs of each student.


More Services

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